This is Us! / Estos Somos Nosotros!  

What does it mean to be a Latino leader, and a leader in the Cleveland Latino community?

In this course, you will explore key leadership principles through a unique cultural lens. We will examine the history of the Latino people and the rich culture that has formed. HALDI addresses strengths and weaknesses in Latino leadership through authentic discussions on how to leverage cultural differences in the workplace, how to identify and affirm individual skills sets, and how to maximizes relationships with organizations across the diverse Northeast Ohio community.

What is HALDI?

HALDI provides professionals and emerging leaders the training, professional development, networking and community engagement opportunities needed to contribute to the advancement of the Hispanic Community.

Our Focus

  • Team building/group dynamics
  • Board role and obligation
  • Culture competencies
  • Ethics within leadership
  • Black and brown leadership
  • Diversity and its facets
  • Leadership styles
  • Personal vs civic responsibility

Our Objective

  • Recruit emerging leaders and professionals committed to the development of the Latino community
  • Through workshops, readings, and critical discussions, increase participants’ cultural competency, leadership skills, and community awareness
  • Increase the number of Hispanic leaders prepared to serve on boards, neighborhood and city committees, and projects that directly impact Cleveland’s Latino community

How to Apply

Complete an application and submit the following documents:

  • Resume
  • Two reference letters
  • One page essay indicating how you can benefit from HALDI


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