How To Improve Your Chances For PR Application Success?

There are various methods you can use to improve your chances to get your permanent residency application status to become approved. No matter how tempted you may be to get your PR application approved, make sure to never do anything illegal or immoral. There are things you should not do when applying for a Singapore PR.

Before you know what things will improve your application, you need to first understand what the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore, ICA Singapore, is even looking for in new permanent residents. Once you know their end goal, you will be able to navigate around this supposedly confusing process yourself and improve your profile every day. Alternatively, you could also look for a trusted Singapore PR application agency like Dream Immigration SG.

ICA wants to approve the PR application for academically successful and high income professionals who have every full intention to live, reside and work in Singapore forever. These professionals should ideally have a stable career, and also have as many immediate family members as possible who are already in Singapore too, so that they have a stronger connection to Singapore.

With the above said, the following are methods you can make use of to improve your profile.

First of all, let us call out the elephant in the room. The higher your income, the more likely you will get your PR application to become approved. Some people think that is not true, or some immigration consultants try to lie to you that earning a higher income will not improve your application success rate, so that they can get more business. But, all else remaining equal, it is definitely true that the higher your income, the more likely ICA will approve your PR status.

Second of all, if you are of tertiary education student age, then it is important that if you can qualify for a Singapore government scholarship for international students, then make sure to apply for that Singapore government scholarship. Showing ICA that you are academically successful in future will give you an edge when you apply for a Singapore PR over others, who may be earning the same as you are, and with similar other factors.

Third of all, definitely do not make unnecessary and lateral career hops if you ever intend to apply for a Singapore permanent residence right now or even in the future. ICA sees career stability as an important factor when it comes to approval for PR status. The only way changing jobs can be seen as a positive thing to ICA for the purpose of PR application approval is that it is to a significantly better position with higher income and salaries at an at least equally good company or organization, and in a seemingly pre-planned and not random manner.

Can You Change Job During PR Application?

If you have already submitted your Singapore PR application using the PTS scheme and your relevant E pass or S pass earlier, and yet now you are thinking to change jobs to a new employer, will you still be eligible to apply for your PR application? Or will your previous application process be voided?

Many people are worried that if they do this, their potential PR status will be at jeopardy or they may get blacklisted by the Immigration Checkpoints Authority ICA for changing jobs in the middle of a PR application process.

Well the answer is it depends. Bear with me as I explain it below.

The Immigration Checkpoints Authority ICA wants to approve of highly educated, high earning PR applicants who have a stable career and wish to live in Singapore over the long term. Whoever fits that criteria the most will get the highest chances of PR approval in Singapore, especially for those utilizing the PTS scheme Singapore.

Since educational qualifications and desire to stay in the long term in Singapore is a constant in the above mentioned criteria, they are essentially a non factor when it comes to the question whether you can change your job during PR application.

There are essentially two main factors at play here – which is your earning and income levels, and the stability of your career.

If you are changing jobs, and you want to ensure that you still stand the highest chances of getting your application for PR in Singapore approved, then make sure that it is to another significantly higher position with a significantly higher income. If you are making a lateral jump just that it is in between different companies, you will be losing out on this factor here.

Secondly, because if you do change your job during the PR application process, this means that ICA’s view of the stability of your career will be lowered. However, if the pay is significantly higher at your new employer and that is why you are severely tempted, then make sure that it is to a stable, established and extremely reputable company. If so, the ICA authorities will see the overall change as a positive change, and hence not let it affect their decision, and base your PR status approval on other factors instead.

Last but not least, if you do decide to be changing jobs, then make sure to prep the necessary documents and then submit it to your immigration consultant or submit it to ICA yourself to update them accordingly immediately once your job change is confirmed in writing.